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The Importance of Proper Harvest Record Keeping

Please review the following steps to be sure your records are in order. Proper records will insure any losses are handled quickly and efficiently.

  • Keep all grain records according to the units listed on your "Schedule of Insurance."
  • If you store grain on the farm, keep units separate.
  • Weigh grain prior to storage.
  • Tape bin. List unit number on tape and have a third party initial.
  • Combine monitors will be accepted with print outs that show total grain within tolerance of total grain stored and sold.
  • Sell grain in the same name as listed on insurance policy and as recorded at FSA office.
  • DO NOT destroy any crop without a release from the company adjuster.
  • Report all production to our office by December 1.
  • Notify us of any losses within 72 hours of the discovery of loss.

DO NOT ASSUME that you do not have a loss.

If you purchased a CRC or RA policy, remember that with the relatively low prices compared to the spring base price, you could have an "average yield" and still collect a loss payment due to low prices.